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Residential Electrical

February 1, 2020

Swan Electric are professional electricians in Lethbridge Alberta offering ALL residential electrical services, homeowners are satisfied with the exceptional professionalism and customer care.

For minor repairs, new home construction, additions and circuit panel improvements. Call Swan Electric 403-393-9008.

When experiencing electrical troubles, doing an addition, or constructing a trendy domestic upgrade, you need expert and certified electrical contractors you can count on. Swan Electric offers electrical services across Southern AB. We put our customers first and take great care that safe and timely installations are accomplished.

Swan Electric must be your first choice for any electrical maintenance or new builds in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of high-quality electrical services cost-effective for you. Some of our services are:


Aluminum Wiring inspection/replacement

Breaker Replacements

Fuse Breakers

Service Panel Upgrades

Attics and Ceiling Fans

Residential Remodeling Upgrades


Hot tubs & pool wiring

Generator installation

Ground fault interrupt circuits

Home inspections

Home lighting

Electric heat

120/220V circuits

Green electrical solutions

Knob & tube wiring

Code violation repair

New electrical outlets

Appliance and dryer circuits

Ceiling, attic, and exhaust fans

Landscape lighting; security lighting

Emergency electrical repair

Electrical Service Upgrade

February 14, 2020

Sometimes vintage panels simply stop operating and need to be replaced, its recommended to update panels before they turn out to be more trouble than needed. Old panels have obstacles and may need to add circuits or have fuses replaced (insurance agencies may not insure residences with fuses). Sometimes vintage panels are simply maxed out. Overall electrical service improvements are recommended to increase the functionality of the entire electrical system.

With the new home equipment and technology available in our homes and commercial enterprises, we’ve observed older houses do not have enough electricity to deal with all that’s the called for. In this instance, an Electrical Service Upgrade with Swan Electric is needed. From time to time it may be just the electric panel. Depending on the house it may also encompass upgrading your meter socket, Wiring of the meter and panel, and the grounding electrode as well.

Professional electricians at Swan Electric use the very best panels when we switch out or improve your panel. Our panels have 1 a yr warranty however typically they last 30-40 years. We want to ensure the electrical panel won’t have any stress or headaches for you for years to come. Call today 403.393.9008

Panel Services Include:

Service Upgrades

Meter Base Repairs

Meter Base Replacements

Service Mast Repairs

Replace Weather Head

New Grounding Systems

Whole House Surge Protection Devices

Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels

Sub Panels

Out Dated Electrical Upgrade

January 1, 2020

Electrical rewiring is recommended for homes or a place of business which can be older. Call Swan Electric to come to verify if your house or business needs rewiring. Outdated electrical systems can also cause harm to electronics and main appliances.

Insufficient or defective wiring is dangerous which can increase the risk of malfunction which results in fire or damage. Don’t take the chance, call 403.393.9008 today!

If your home is about 30 years or older, get in contact with Swan Electric for an overview session. Your electrical system is probably due for an electrical rewiring or updating. Today's home equipment, phones, computer systems, and different devices require electricity that your electrical service may not adequately provide for. 

Swan Electric Rewiring ensures your home or commercial enterprise is up to date with the most secure and maximum green electric technology. This will give you the peace and comfort your house or business can rely on for years to come.

Businesses require a variety of loads of electrical power. The electricity needed to run your enterprise smoothly may be insufficient or outdated. 

This increases your budget, however, it also increases the risk of fire or other emergencies. An electrical upgrade of your commercial enterprise reduces hazards, electricity outages and wear on devices. 

Swan Electric’s enterprise rewires will save you money even as making sure the safety of your clients, the team of workers and the enterprise itself.

Swan Electric’s licensed electricians have the gear, training and licensing to handle all of your electrical needs for your home or business. Call us now 403.393.9008.

Garage and Basement Wiring

December 15, 2019

If your basement, garage, home or business is in need of wiring Swan Electric is your top choice for local Electrical Service in Lethbridge. Our skilled licensed Electricians offer excessively nice work and depart customers satisfied and referring us to others.

Electrical basement and garage finishing in is our specialty. Basements are usually darkish, cold or uninviting areas, but these spaces can be enjoyable and increase the value of your home. Homes are typically built with the basement not finished. Swan Electric will come and assess the cost to wire your project, call 403.393.9008

Electrical Renovation

December 1, 2019

Electrical Renovations from Swan Electric will improve your home’s equity and enhance your way of life and comfort. Electrical renovations are an essential part of any Lethbridge and surrounding area home preservation. Call now! 403.393.9008

At Swan Electric our professional electricians are skilled in installations and electrical wiring. Whether your upgrading a basement, a kitchen rewire, bathroom maintenance or an additional room being added to your home. Our experts are skilled in all aspects of installations and electrical wiring.

Whether it’s a basement finishing venture, a kitchen, and bathroom protect, a room addition, or complete indoors/exterior lighting replacement, we have solutions. Swan Electric has the highest standards and is the right electrical contractor for you.

If your property is constructed inside the 40’s-70’s your home will possibly want extra outlets and extra lighting. For normal electronics which includes microwaves, computers, dishwasher or leisure centers, Think of the number of devices that are plugged into your outlets. 

It can be dangerous to have too many devices plugged into one outlet. Call Swan Electric for a free consultation 403.393.9008

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